When is JUPEB 2021/2022 Lectures Starting

The JUPEB registration for 2021/2022 has commenced in almost all centres and you can register for the program in almost all affiliated centres. And probably you have already registered and want to know when the lectures for the 2021/2022 academic session will start.

Since lectures do not commence at once in all centres it’s important to know when you are likely to resume to start receiving lectures at your chosen centre during your registration.

Lectures for the 2021/2022 academic session will likely commence in all centres by October 4th. If by October 4th you have not resumed and you do not see any information sent to you, please kindly contact your centre (where you registered to know when you are to resume).

About JUPEB Lectures

JUPEB is a full-time programme, meaning the lectures take place from Monday to Friday every week. Now the time for your lectures will be determined by your department timetable. Each lecture is expected to last for 2 hours and you are likely taking a maximum of 3 lectures per day.

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